A NEW pro-European group has been set up in North Yorkshire to mobilise opposition to the Government’s Brexit plans and press for a new referendum on the deal.

North Yorkshire for Europe, is staging a series of events across the county to promote public debate. They’re also calling on local MPs to back plans for a referendum on the final package reached with the European Union.

One of the organisers, Richard Sadler, said: “We know a lot more now about the implications of a hard Brexit than we did back in 2016.

“The Government’s own leaked forecasts show a no-deal Brexit would blow an £80bn hole in public finances and economic growth would be seven per cent lower in Yorkshire and Humberside over the next 15 years, and as much as 16 per cent lower in the North East.

“It’s not surprising that public opinion against Brexit is hardening. This has huge implications for our region particularly our public services, our schools and our hospitals as well as for our farmers and exporting industries.”

At events so far held in Ripon and Harrogate the group say they carried out a pavement poll asking how people would vote on Brexit now. Mr Sadler said: “We got a fantastic response with a very strong majority backing Remain. It’s not the most scientific poll, but it’s clear more and more Leave voters are having second thoughts.”

The group is also appealing to people to back the all-party “Peoples Vote” campaign launched last month by leading politicians including Chuka Umunna and Anna Soubry along with actor Sir Patrick Stewart to push the government to hold a vote on the final deal.

Mr Sadler said the situation was now too big to ignore and the campaign is asking people to sign up to demands that the people who will be affected by Brexit for generations to come get the chance to have their say with a referendum on the exit deal from the EU.