TEXTILE artist Sarah Dodds is staging an exhibition at Richmond Station highlighting the many problems faced by museums such as those in Syria in times of conflict.

Sarah, who also works as an IT trainer in Durham, has used her skills to recreate the pieces which are inspired by the world around her and much further afield. Heritage Uncovered illustrates the many problems faced by museums during times of violence and destruction.

She says the exhibition was partly inspired by the perilous state of museums and heritage sites in Syria where many artefacts have been destroyed. She said:" This work is aimed at showing the wonderful art heritage which may now well be lost forever. The pieces have been developed using photographic images as reference points to show a selection of artefacts.

"Many of the precious artefacts are stored for security or worse, damaged or destroyed. The objects created for this exhibition reflect the treasures which were on display at museums in Syria before the current conflict and can now only be seen in books."

  • The exhibition runs until Wednesday July 12.