A RICHMOND church is to offer its support to people who are attempting to give up smoking or other addictions.

Influence Church in Victoria Road, Richmond, is running a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Release Group, to help people quit a range of habits that cost people both financially and emotionally.

A small team from the church has trained with UK charity CAP, to help people tackle their dependencies.

Tony Cotterill: “Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health and your pocket but it’s a notoriously difficult habit to break.

“Whether it’s smoking or something else, what you need is a really great cheer squad on your side and we can definitely provide that.

“If you’re addicted to a substance or behaviour, it’s also useful to question how that started and tackle the root cause. That is something we encourage everyone to think about.”

The free course lasts eight weeks.

Anyone wanting to find out more is invited to an awareness evening at 7.30m on Monday, May 9 at the church in Richmond. To find out more about the local CAP Release Group phone 07785-728353 or email tonycotterill@capreleasegroups.org.