A TOWN which lost its Night Marshalls after funding ran out is working with a church to recruit Street Angels to reassure residents.

Night Marshalls patrolled Northallerton town centre for two years on Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 4am but were withdrawn after money provided through the Hambleton and Richmondshire Community Safety Partnership ran out.

Now North Yorkshire Police is working with the New Life Baptist Church in Northallerton to set up a Street Angels scheme with up to 15 volunteers.

Inspector Sarah Sanderson told members of the county council’s Hambleton Area Committee there was no evidence that the Night Marshall scheme had affected crime levels

She said: “They were a good resource to have on the street, now we are looking at having Street Angels. They would work on a Friday and Saturday night and at special events such as the Fair. We are meeting with the New Life Baptist Church, but this won’t happen this summer.

“It could take months to achieve, it is more likely at the end of the year and for next summer. It has to be run independently. It is not to target violence as to be the eyes and ears on the ground helping people coming out of pubs and clubs who maybe drunk and need help getting home, and to reassure elderly people."

Cllr Tony Hall said there had been a lot of concern over comments on the BBC that following the disbandment of the Night Marshalls Northallerton had become a “dangerous place".

“It was very much misrepresented, the funding ceased,” he added.