THREE downhill cyclists from North Yorkshire have their sights set on taking part in the British championships next year.

The dramatic sport of downhill racing involves negotiating drops, jumps, rocks, steep climbs and fast descents in the fastest time possible.

Jamie Bew, 19, from Northallerton, Harry McDonald, 18, from Osmotherley and Robert Dennis, 18, from Ellerbeck all recently took part in the Scottish Downhill Association championships.

The event, at Innerleithen in Scotland, was their first race of the season. Out of 300 riders, Jamie came 35th, Harry was 44th and Rob 46th.

The course included an 8ft drop, six large jumps, steep climbs and descents with top speeds of up to 40mph.

For Jamie it was one of his first competitive races in the sport. The teenager is already a British champion for trial bike racing, but he has only just taking up downhill racing.

He said: “There’s more adrenalin in downhill racing, the race is fast. It’s like the Formula One of off-road cycling.

“It’s quite dramatic to watch as everyone has to be quite skilful at navigating the difficult courses.”

The trio need to collect points from championship races this year in order to qualify for next year’s British Downhill series.