A NORTH Yorkshire village hall is preparing to welcome a top international band, shortly after appearing on one of America’s most viewed television shows.

The Dunwells have received much attention in the music industry and recently performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in the US. But now they are preparing to appear at Hackforth Village Hall, near Bedale, on May 10.

The venue has already hosted award-winning Irish musician ODi (CORRECT) and is set to become a cult venue for bands.

The idea was thought up by electrician Ian Schofield, from Langthorne, near Bedale, who spent several years providing lighting for acts in North Yorkshire and the North-East.

He recently decided to try and bring high profile musicians to his local village hall, where he is a committee member, when a music venue in Ripon closed.

Using years of experience of providing technical support to bands, he provides the sound and lighting and the village hall committee has ensured all the relevant licensing and infrastructure is in place.

The North Yorkshire electrician worked with The Dunwells at a venue about four years ago.

“I said to them, “when you get big, just remember the little guys”, and they have,” said Mr Schofield.

“This is one of only a handful of UK gigs this summer.

“They mainly perform in the US and have played on the Jay Leno show and tour constantly throughout the states, so this is a huge catch for our little village hall.”

Already the venue is proving something of a cult venue. It is hoped more bands will continue to use the hall to try out new material. For tickets visit the website; www.liveathackforth.co.uk