ON the surface it was another busy day for university students in Durham yesterday as they made their way purposely between lectures.

But word of the tragic death of a student spread quickly through social media and between friends – and everyone The Northern Echo spoke to told of their shock and profound sense of grief.

Olivia Burt, 20, from Hampshire, died after suffering fatal head injuries outside Missoula night club in Durham last night.

They described their concerns about large queues outside where the tragedy unfolded.

Thomas McNeil, 20, said: “I wasn’t there when it happened but I know people that were there. My friends, who were there were kicked out of the club along with everyone else after it happened.

“The queues over last couple of weeks (at Missoula) haven been ridiculous.

“I was there last week. The club has a thing where they can’t take all the people (who come), they just don’t have the capacity. So when you are walking past and see the queues are busy you either try your luck and wait in the queue, but you are never going to get in.

“People are pushing from the back. If you are towards the front it feels as though your are stuck in a sardine can.

“For me I would go somewhere else. I wouldn’t want to wait in the queue. It’s not worth it.”

He added: “My thoughts are with the family. It is really sad."

Chris Baker added: “It’s an awful tragedy. There was initial concern over whether it was anyone we knew. My thoughts are with the family.”

Student Jarren Santos said: “It was shocking, to learn that someone has lost their life. I was got an email from the college about it, saying if we need to talk to anyone, who to get in touch with."

Student Josh Shor, 19, added: “I heard about the tragedy when people came back from their night out. It was quite a weird thing to hear, because I have been in that queue before.

“It’s always been very bad. It could have been anyone to be honest.”

Anthropology student James Alder, 20, was not at the event on Wednesday night but has also been to the club several times.

He said: "Missoula nightclub is busy through the week as well as the weekend.

"Durham as a city is packed throughout the week. Wednesday is a big going out night as well.

"There's 17,000 students and there's something like five or six nightclubs, which is not a huge amount relative to the student population and of course the local youngsters.

"It can get pretty packed at times. Its not as hectic as Newcastle but it's always happening.

"Missoula is one of the larger ones, the same as Lloyds, and they will always put a barrier out there for the people queuing. They do get quite busy."

Student Jonathan Growcott added: “It is sad. Our thoughts are with the family and friends."