A CHARITY is determined to continue supporting children and young people across the North-East during the coronavirus outbreak despite having to suspend fundraising activities.

Heel and Toe, based in Pelton, aims to offer therapy services via video link to ensure that support is still available for those in need.

Therapists at the charity have begun offering free group support to families via social media, as well as one-to-one support via telephone and video call consultations.

It is hoped that this could combat some of the isolation and stress that many families with “at risk” children will be feeling as they follow Government guidance to socially distance themselves.

The charity’s chief executive, Doug Long, said: “At Heel and Toe we always place the child at the centre of everything we do, and we are committed to supporting children and young people with disabilities to lead active, fulfilling lives by providing free therapy services.

“It is crucial for the families we serve that we do all we can to maintain high quality support during this time, while also mitigating any risk of spreading the infection.

“That is why our team is working so hard to connect with families to offer whatever help we can, and to innovate using technology to deliver therapy remotely.”

The Northern Echo:

Staff at Heel and Toe will talk to families over the coming weeks to offer them ideas of therapeutic activities and exercises they can carry out with their child in their own home.

The charity will also give parents and carers an outlet for discussing concerns and offer health and wellbeing advice on a regular ongoing basis.

They will talk to children and young people to explore how they are feeling during this time and offer practical ways in which they can support their emotional wellbeing.

The charity hopes to begin offering its formal services including physiotherapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy via tools such as Zoom or Whatsapp and are currently working to develop effective ways of doing this.

Due to suspended fundraising following Covid-19 precautions, the charity welcome donations to help staff to continue their work sufficiently and continue providing beneficial therapy for the children and young people of the North-East who have profound physical and neurological disabilities.

To support Heel and Toe children’s charity or to find out more, visit heelandtoe.org.uk, email info@heelandtoe.org.uk or call 0191 386 8606