POLICE say they will up patrols in Peterlee town centre and surrounding areas which have seen an increase in incidents of anti social behaviour in recent weeks.

A Peterlee Police spokesperson said: "Over the last few weeks, officers have identified a number of youths who have been causing issues. Parents will be attending Peterlee Police Office along with their children to discuss their behaviour.

"Make no mistake, if criminal offences are committed and offenders identified your child may well be arrested. Police, working with partner agencies, will escalate identified ASB incidents – this could potentially have an impact on a tenancy. The good people of Peterlee do not have to put up with the actions of the few who are causing these issues and Police will deal with all incidents robustly.

"Peterlee is and will continue to be a safe place to visit and work. Parents we appreciate your co-operation in these matters and agree that we cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour in our town."