A MAN has denied driving at a police officer in a primary school car park.

Defendant Gary Robson is accused of driving his Jaguar vehicle dangerously in the car park of a Peterlee primary school and on an adjoining road, on Wednesday April 4.

Appearing at a Durham Crown Court plea hearing, he denied the charge.

Having read an outline of the case, Judge Christopher Prince said: “The allegations are that a Jaguar car was driven towards a police officer in the car park and struck another vehicle, and the officer had to jump out of the way.

“He is then said to have driven out of the school car park at speed.”

Judge Prince asked defence lawyer Martin Scarborough: “Does he dispute the manner of the driving as described by the witnesses?”

Mr Scarborough replied: “He does. He accepts he was the driver, but he disputes that he drove at any police officers or drove away at speed and is unaware of catching any other vehicles.”

Judge Prince asked Mr Scarborough: “He appreciates the gravity with which this will be treated?”

Mr Scarborough said: “He does, yes, and he’s aware of the credit given for guilty pleas.”

Judge Prince adjourned the case for a trial of two days-plus and bailed the 35-year-old defendant, of George Avenue, Easington Colliery, to return for the start of the hearing, on January 27.