A CHARITY which supplies communities with life-saving defibrillators is asking for suggestions on possible locations for a new one in Chester-le-Street.

The Stephen Carey Fund was set up after the tragic death of 21-year-old Stephen Carey who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while playing football in 2012.

The charity has since installed 152 public access defibrillators and 40 private defibrillators in which at least two lives have been saved as a direct result of the fund.

The charity has been supported for several years by Jonny Carr, of Excel Cues, from Chester-le-Street, who makes handmade bespoke pool and snooker cues which are sold all over the world.

Several of his cues have been donated and sold to support the charity and he has raised well over £3,000.

Mr Carr, 30, said: “I suffer from a slight heart condition myself and I always thought it was good to do something for charity but want to do something I could relate to.

“I know how passionate they are about what they are doing and how it got started so I have dedicated my time to help for the last couple of years.

“It is a very worthy cause.”

The charity’s vice-chairman, Dougie McEwan, said the charity will install the defibrillator and provide all necessary training to people.

The price of a package costs well in excess of £2,000.

Mr McEwan said: “We would like to try and find a suitable location to install a public access defibrillator in Chester-le-Street.

“The location would have to be well populated and easy for a member of the public to access in an emergency.

“We also have to have the land or building owner’s permission to install the equipment.

“The equipment will be donated by Jonny Carr with the money he has raised and continues to raise for our cause.

“We feel all the hard work and generous donations Jonny has made to the Stephen Carey Fund needs to be highlighted as he is very humble.”

Call Mr McEwan on 0778-366-8351 or email d.mcewan2010@btinternet.com with suggestions.