A SHOP has won a bid to transfer its alcohol licence to a new premises.

In recent months, the owners of Shergill Stores in Sherburn launched a bid to move to a new base elsewhere in the village.

This included surrendering their existing alcohol licence at 24 Front Street and transferring it to 80 Front Street.

However, the plans were put on hold after the store failed a test purchase from Durham Constabulary earlier this year.

The visit on August 30 included a member of staff selling booze to a 15-year-old volunteer and triggered a fresh police objection over the shop move.

At a hearing to decide the application at Durham County Hall this week, councillors heard evidence from shop owners and the police.

Shergill Stores owner, Amrik Singh, said the test purchase failure was made by his wife who works at the store.

But the meeting heard that this was an isolated incident and linked to a death in the family around the time of the police visit.

Mr Singh told the meeting: “It was an emotional time for us those two or three days and a mistake was made and we put our hands up to that.”

Following assurances that the business had improved its training and agreed to police conditions, the council’s statutory licensing sub-committee allowed the business to transfer its licence.

Licensing committee chairwoman, Councillor Linda Marshall, said: “We understand that you take on board the seriousness and repercussions of selling alcohol to underage children and the effect that can have on a community.

“We’re aware that you understand that and have accepted training and it’s important that the training is ongoing so you get any updates on the law..”

The new licence will also include an extra condition around the shop owners working with the police on safeguarding issues.

Applicants won their original alcohol licence for 24 Front Street at a council hearing in November last year. Future plans for the site include an cafe.