HUNDREDS of people turned out to see an exhibition of old photographs of Durham.

Featuring images of the city from the 1850s onwards, the exhibition was put on by Michael Richardson, who has an archive of about 35,000 photographs of Durham.

The photos were taken from a book he has compiled called "Lost Durham" and show images of the city's former pubs and shops, street views from decades past and some of the people who have lived there in days gone by.

More than 1,000 people visited the exhibition at St Giles Church, in Gilesgate, on Saturday, raising £1,471 for church funds.

Mr Richardson, who has been collecting photos since he was about 14, and is also a church warden at St Giles, said: "There's a great demand for local history and old photos at the minute. It brings people together.

"People have been chatting away. They don't all know each other but they share a love for Durham.

"There are young people who are interested in knowing what used to be there before and older people who remember it and have memories of a shop or a street or a pub."

He added: "Quite a few people have brought their own old photographs as well. It's great to see so much interest."

The event, which also gave people the chance to have a look around the historic church, was opened by Durham Mayor Katie Corrigan and her consort Bill Moir while music was provided by Durham pianist George Hetherington and the Reverend Tom Glover.