A GROUP of adults from a community project have put on a display about miners from County Durham who became tunnellers in the First World War.

The young adults, who attend the Wider World Project at Belmont-based Cheesy Waffles, which works with people with learning disabilities, have been finding out about the topic for a year.

As part of the project they have been visiting The People's Workshop in Willington, where they worked with Pat and Dave Hill to create a replica tunnel, painted a model military pony, built a wooden trolley similar to one that would have been pulled by the pony, and made wooden rails for it to be pulled along.

They also restored a set of tools, including a spade, pick, axes, saws and hacks. restored First World War flag poles and mounted flags and made shells that sit of the pony's leather carriers.

Amy Bainbridge, from Cheesy Waffles, said: "The end result was a fantastic display at Belmont Community Association in honour of the tunnellers of World War One.

"Hundreds of people saw the fantastic work that The Wider World Young adults had completed. We hope that the display can be used again at future events linked with the First World War."

As well as showing off their work, the group, which included Michael Thompson, Alex Jones, Shaun Hollins, Jessica Spooner, Alix Longstaff, Natasha Musgrove, Pauline Wood and Sally Pouton. dressed up in uniforms of the era and answered people's questions.