ONE of the last surviving original members of a popular musical ensemble is putting on a special concert to celebrate his 80th birthday.

George Jopling, a founding members of Sherburn Village's Jolly Boys will be turning 80 later this month.

The Jolly Boys is hosting a special concert at Sherburn Village Club, in Front Street, Sherburn Village, near Durham, on Friday.

Mr Jopling has been secretary of the group for 55 years and is one of three surviving original members.

It now has 19 members and puts on weekly concerts to raise money for good causes, collecting more than £280,000 over the years.

The Northern Echo:

The Jolly Boys have been putting on concerts in Sherburn Village for 55 years

Mr Jopling thanked band members Billy, Allan, Frank, Dave, Bernard, Michael and John and singers Brian and John, as well as Helen Murray, who provides the buffet and Neil Straughan, who looks after the music.

He added: "I'd like to thank all the people in the village who have kept us going all these years."

The concert starts at 7pm and features singers Liz and Holly Lane, and band Buddy Silver and the Reverbz .