A TREASURE trove of bronze age tools are going on display after being discovered by metal detectorists working across County Durham.

The collection of finely crafted weapons, metalwork and other artefacts offer a glimpse in to the everyday lives of prehistoric people in County Durham.

The hoard, which was found by local metal detectorists, will go on public display for the first time this month.

The Northern Echo:

A beaker, one of the artefacts to go on display

Prehistoric Pioneers: A Journey Through Life in Bronze Age Britain opens at Durham's Museum of Archaeology, which is part of the city's Palace Green Library, on Friday, June 14.

It will showcase the innovations and inventions of ancient peoples in Northern England.

The centuries-old materials will shed light on daily existence, rituals, warfare, the dawn of agriculture, and the way Bronze Age people buried weapons and treasure in hidden hoards.

The discoveries have challenged the idea that these were "primitive" cultures, by giving a face to prehistoric people and showing that they were the pioneers of their time.

The Northern Echo:

Prehistoric Pioneers: A Journey Through Life in Bronze Age Britain is on at Durham's Museum of Archaeology

Curated by a team of Durham University Museum and Artefact Studies Masters students, the exhibition closely follows the topics taught in schools as part of Key Stage 1 and 2 history lessons.

The exhibition is free and runs until Sunday, November 24.