DURHAM School pupil Vida Stanic has returned from a United Nations (UN) conference, where she took her place as the youngest-ever president of the Unesco board.

The 17-year-old travelled to Belgrade for the Belgrade International Model of United Nations (Bimun) 2019 Conference, which brings together around 300 young people from all around the world to learn about global problems and talk about ways to resolve them, within the framework of the UN.

During the conference, students simulate international organisations and take on the roles of diplomats, representing different countries, and discussing specific topics on the agenda.

Participants act as delegates, developing strategies, preparing resolutions, negotiating and solving conflicts – all while following the procedures of the UN.

Miss Stanic, 18, is a Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC) Scholar currently in Year 12 of sixth form, at Durham School, after joining as a boarder last September from Belgrade in Serbia. She is studying A Levels after developing an interest for international relations, law and politics.

In 2017 she applied to be a delegate in the Unesco Human Rights Committee and last year was vice-president in the Security Council.

Fuelled by the thought that everyone should make positive changes in the world, Vida looks forward to seeing the world as a peaceful and safe environment for every living being.

Miss Stanic said: “I was very much looking forward to Bimun Junior 2019 - meeting lots of new people to discuss how we can make the world a better place.

“The conference, which was organised around the topic of Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities, went incredibly well.

“I was pleased with the quality of delegates in my committee which resulted in a professional and well-written resolution. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a president of UNESCO Committee that BIMUN organisers gave me, as it was one of the best experiences of my life.”

Miss Stanic enjoys being a member of the Debate Team at Durham School and taking part in house debating competitions.

She is also part of the Heretics Society where pupils can present and debate heretical subjects and the Hillard Society which promotes the learning of modern and classical languages.

Durham School headmaster Kieran McLaughlin, said, “Vida is such a positive member of the Durham School community and we have been incredibly proud to see her continued development within UNESCO since 2017.

“Vida has made the absolute most of every opportunity the various roles she has undertaken have afforded her, and is a very worthy president of the UNESCO executive board.”