TEENAGERS involved with boxing and other sporting clubs in Derwentside are to be offered tickets for a play about a local world champion for a nominal fee.

Youngsters hoping to follow in the footsteps of Glenn McCrory will be able to see matinee shows of Carrying David, a celebration of the night he won the cruiserweight title, for £5.

It is being staged at Stanley Civic Hall, yards from the Lousia Centre in Stanley, where the 24-year-old defeated Patrick Lumumba on June 3, 1989.

The play, about how McCrory was inspired by his terminally ill brother, is being held in Stanley on the 30th anniversary of the historic sporting night.

Writer Ed Waugh said: “Carrying David is ultimately a story about the unashamed love two brothers had for each other; one aiming to become a world boxing champion, the other terminally ill and fighting every day to stay alive.

“Glenn often carried David on his back, hence the title of this fantastic story about two brothers inspiring each other.

“Thanks to financial backing from Art Council England we can involve more young people in the theatre, and what a magnificent, inspirational story it is. Glenn made boxing history 30 years ago and there are lessons young people in any sport today must learned from his experiences.”

Tickets for the matinees will be only £5 per teenage member if organised through the boxing and sporting clubs.

The offer stands until Friday, April 19, or until the seats have been sold out. Contact Ed Waugh on 0191-455-0608 to book.