A COMMUNITY centre has had a major renovation to improve it for people attending classes and activities there.

More than £5,500 was spent at Cassop Community Centre on the renovations, which included buying new curtains and improving the interior of the hall.

A new curtain was also bought for the hall’s stage, which will be used for events such as the children’s Christmas show and other group performances.

Doreen Cummings of Cassop Community Centre said: “This project has enabled us to carry out the long-awaited refurbishment to our much used community centre.”

The funding came from county councillor Jan Blakey, who contricuted £5,539 from her neighbouring budget, trough the East Durham Rural Corridor Area Action Partnership (AAP).

AAP coordinator Jane Bellis said: “It’s great to see what a difference our work can make to communities within the AAP area.

“It looks like a completely different hall and will make it a more pleasant environment for people attending activities.

“Hopefully this will encourage more members of the community to get involved.”