A CHARITY providing support and services to people with brain injuries will be extending its drop-in service in Chester-le-Street with the help of a local housing association.

Headway County Durham delivers monthly drop-in sessions and activities for residents with brain injuries and their carers.

The charity runs one afternoon session on the last Wednesday of the month from the Holyoake Community Centre in South Pelaw, owned by Karbon.

Due to increasing numbers, members asked for more sessions to be run so Karbon has stepped in by donating a £600 grant from its community fund.

The funding will contribute towards the running costs of the session including staffing costs, transport for clients and a hand, feet and back therapist.

The additional sessions will start next month on Wednesday, November 14.

Jessica Wray, community involvement and investment officer at Karbon Homes, said; “Our aim is to help shape communities that people belong to, in places where they can thrive.

“Headway County Durham do an amazing job supporting local people, not only those with a brain injury but their extended families and loved ones.

“It can be a traumatic time for anyone to go through so hopefully this donation will enable this caring and passionate group to provide the necessary support to residents who may also include Karbon tenants or their family members.”

John Caulfield, volunteer co-ordinator at Headway, said: “This funding is gratefully received and will give Headway the support to run a second drop-in session in Chester-le-Street as we are receiving more referrals from professionals and families looking for peer support for people with a brain injury or those who have suffered a stroke.”

As a charity, Headway County Durham relies on donations to enable it to deliver the support and activities its clients require. By January 2019, they hope to be running two drop-in afternoons per month in Chester-le-Street and Stanley.