A NUISANCE neighbour who repeatedly hosted late night parties at her home has been hit with a legal bill for more than £860.

Joanne Avery was served with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) in September last year making her responsible for the behaviour of visitors to her house in Wear Street, Chester-le-Street.

The order required the 30-year-old to ask visitors to leave the property if they were shouting, swearing, arguing, fighting or playing loud music, magistrates were told.

However, Durham County Council, which served the notice, was subsequently given recordings of excessive noise coming from the property on three separate occasions.

The recordings, from October 2017 and January and February 2018, included raised voices, singing and loud music coming from the address.

Avery did not appear at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates Court and was found guilty in her absence.

She was fined £120 and ordered to pay £713 in court costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

Joanne Waller, Durham County Council’s head of environment, health and consumer protection, said: “Nuisance neighbours can blight the lives of people living in their community.

“We won’t tolerate those who repeatedly fail to consider the thoughts and feelings of those who live near them.

“Avery had the chance to change her behaviour and take responsibility for the actions of those who visited her home after she was served with the CPN. “However, it is clear from her actions that she simply has no consideration for others.”