FUNERAL directors will continue their tireless charity work by climbing a mountain in the dark.

Keen walkers John and Julie Whitehouse are currently preparing to set out on their latest charity challenge, a moonlight trek up Mount Snowdon.

The Darlington couple, who run Whitehouse Funeral Service, are well-known for their work fundraising for local and national good causes.

They hope their latest efforts will boost awareness and funding for Macmillan Cancer Care, which supports those suffering from cancer and their loved ones.

The cause is one close to the hearts of Mr and Mrs Whitehouse, whose nephew, 28-year-old Sean Archer is currently battling terminal cancer in a hospice.

Mrs Whitehouse said: “We also work in the funeral industry and as a result, are touched by cancer in many ways.

“It comes to us in all shapes and forms, it can be a young man planning his funeral after recently being diagnosed and having his life plunged into uncertainty, or it can be through talking to families who have lost someone.

“We see it from all angles and get the whole picture of it, from helping with the funerals to trying to care for the families left behind.

“We just felt like we needed to do something more to help those who suffer as a result of cancer.

“It is something that touches so many people, whether they’ve got it, have cared for someone with it or lost someone.

“It’s such a cruel disease and it does not discriminate, no matter how old or young you are.”

Mr and Mrs Whitehouse will spend the night climbing Mount Snowdon, with the hope of seeing dawn break on their way back down.

Mrs Whitehouse said: “It’s a big challenge for us, even though we are quite keen walkers, we’ve never walked in the dark like this.

“Also, I can walk miles and miles on flat land but I’m terrible once I have to start going uphill.

"John says he’s going to take his earplugs so he doesn’t have to hear me moan all the way around.

“We’ll be going with a group of people and hope our joint efforts help to raise a tremendous amount of money for this good cause.”

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