DARLINGTON FC 1883 is confident it has overcome obstacles which had prevented it from buying the Quakers.

A positive announcement on the future of the football club is now expected at this afternoon's press conference at the Arena at 4pm.

Craig McKenna, from DFC 1883, confirmed this afternoon that the deadline for the company to buy the club had been extended and board members were now extremely hopeful of a successful outcome.

DFC 1883 said yesterday morning that it was ready to submit its offer for the club, however further complications emerged later in the day which prevented the purchase. It is understood these hurdles have now been overcome.

DFC 1883 announced last night it would be giving money back to fans who had bought shares in the company.

However, it would then ask them to reinvest their money in the new proposal.

If the sale goes ahead, DFC 1883 has this morning revealed it would need £100,000 by the end of June.

It is understood Darlington Uncovered fans forum has said the money it raised would be reinvested.

Darlington FC Supporters Club has also pledged to reinvest its cash.

The Northern Echo yesterday confirmed it would continue to back DFC 1883 if its plans were viable.

The Northern Echo understands critical talks are underway with the Quakers players this morning ahead of the deadline.

It was feared the Quakers playing licence would stay with former chairman Raj Singh, however it is thought DFC 1883 would be able to apply for a new licence from the FA.

Mr Madden will be at the Arena at 4pm this afternoon to answer questions from the media.