FIVE men could face prison for their part in a brawl behind a kebab shop.

Belts and a broom handle were used in the five-way stand off after Thomas Boyd and Lee Disley ordered a pizza from Best Kebab in North Road, Darlington, without being able to pay.

John Garside, prosecuting at Darlington Magistrates' Court yesterday, said the situation escalated when the two 18-year-olds became verbally abusive after they were asked to leave the premises.

The pair, both from Darlington, began to spit in the direction of the shop.

Rebwar Ali, who was employed at the store, was being visited by two friends, Mariwan Ali and Sandar Ali, when the incident occurred on November 24, last year.

After a brief argument, both parties made their way to the back of the kebab shop with each claiming that it was the other who suggested a fight.

The court was shown CCTV footage of the altercation which shows Rebwar Ali, 27, from Station Road, in Darlington, and Mariwan Ali, 25, swinging belts around their head and lashing out at Boyd and Disley.

Sardar Ali, 20 who lives with Mariwan Ali, in Sadberge Street, Middlesbrough, had a broom handle in his hand, but it is unclear whether he hit anyone.

Rory Todd, mitigating for Boyd, of Trafalgar Terrace, and Disley, of Oxford Street, said: "Neither of them are big built lads, they are quite small in stature compared to the other three.

"The other men had belts and a broom handle which they swung at the two defendants, leaving them both with injuries."

Sean Grainger, mitigating for the three other defendants, said: "Mr Mariwan Ali was working in the pizza shop and talking to his two friends when the two drunk, white youths came in to cause trouble.

"The boys would not go home and the final straw was when one of them spat at the staff in the store.

"They accept that they were carrying belts and a broom handle but nobody received more than a minor injury, if any injury at all.

"They then returned to the shop hoping the drunken youths would go away, but they continued to be abusive and cause damage to the property until the police arrived."

The cases against the five individuals, who all pleaded guilty to a public order offence, were adjourned while pre-sentence reports are carried out. All were told to expect a custody sentence.

Boyd and Disley will attend Newton Aycliffe Magistrates' Court on February 14, to be sentenced.

Mariwan Ali, Rebwar Ali and Sardar Ali will be sentenced by the same court on February 24.