OPINIONS over plans for a wind farm on land between Stockton and Darlington are mixed, according to an MP.

Banks Developments wants to erect four turbines and build a combined heat and power scheme at Lambs Farm, Stillington, which would supply electricity to up to 5,500 homes and create 30 construction jobs.

Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North, said he only received 14 views despite having written to all the residents in the area.

"Wind farms are normally very controversial, so I thought it was necessary to gauge local opinion before responding to the planning application, " he said.

"I sent out several hundred letters to local residents with a survey form, included details in my newspaper for my constituents and also made it available online, but only 14 people responded, and they were evenly split between those in favour and those against the plans.

"While it is clear some people have strong views for or against the plans, the vast majority of people appear to have no strong opinions either way.

"It is a difficult call for an MP to come off the fence on issues like this, but I am well aware of the need to diversify our energy production into the future as our other natural resources dry up."