TRANSPORT, health and environmental professionals will hear how residents' travel habits have changed across Darlington during the past five years on Wednesday.

A seminar has been organised to hear how the Local Motion project has changed how people travel across the town.

Darlington was chosen by the Department of Transport in 2004 as one of three pilot sustainable travel towns across the country. Its primary aim was to reduce unnecessary car trips.

It was part of a strategy to tackle traffic congestion and reduce the impact of travel on the environment.

Independent research has shown levels of cycling in Darlington have more than doubled in the past four years. The same research showed car mileage has reduced by 13 per cent, equivalent to 60,000 miles per day.

Wednesday's seminar will be opened by Mike Airey, a senior member of staff at Barclays Bank and the Chair of Darlington Partnerships economy and environment theme group and the Local Motion Reference group.

It is an opportunity to see how residents' travel habits have changed since 2004, as well as attitudes to travel and discuss the successes and lessons learned in Darlington.

Councillor David Lyonette, cabinet member for transport, said: "The seminar will show how Local Motion has improved the environment and Darlington residents' health, through encouraging the use of sustainable transport such as cycling and walking.

"It will also be a good opportunity to discuss how this success can be built upon to ensure that people continue to select more sustainable ways to travel in the future."