A WOMAN is set to hold a fundraiser exercise class in South Park, Darlington, on the weekend.

Judith Russell who runs Bounce and Burns exercise class in Darlington as a rebound instructress will be holding a fundraising bouncing session in South Park to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Judith, from Darlington, said: "Having an aunty who passed away with breast cancer and also having a really good friend going through recovery, I know that breast cancer research and awareness month is very important.

"When Rebound UK asked who wanted to do the fundraiser, I absolutely jumped on the chance.

"Because of the good work that charity's have done for research and things, I believe, the survival rate is a lot higher, and it's nice to be able to help.

"If covid wasn't around we would have ten rebound trampolines out and loving life, but because of Covid we are having to have it a bit more controlled and only allow five people out."

"So people who want to do it are going to have to let me know in advance of the time.

"People can also come along and have a look and have a good time and maybe put some money in a bucket to help raise some money.

"Rebounding is all about doing cardiovascular exercise and enjoying yourself at the same time and that's what we aim to do."