A TRADER from Darlington is getting back to work this week after mothballing his business during the first period of the lockdown.

Derek Lancaster, who runs oven valeting business Ovenu Darlington with his wife Deb, had to stop working in March because of the restrictions.

Mr Lancaster says he feels he can return to work, having introduced a range of precautions.

He said: "I, along with many other tradespeople across the region, temporarily mothballed my business when lockdown was imposed – a very difficult thing to do when it is your livelihood.

“Since then, I’ve been preparing to re-open at the appropriate time with the appropriate measures in place. My priority is to keep myself and my customers safe.

“Given how much time people have spent cooking and baking during this lockdown period, I would imagine there is quite a bit of work out there for me to do.”

Ovenu carried out a poll which found almost half the public would invite tradespeople into their homes as long as measures were in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus.