DARLINGTON Football Club Foundation brought the team's colours to the forefront at this weekend's parkrun in South Park.

All Darlo supporters, either volunteering or taking part in the run on Saturday morning, were encouraged to wear their tops, hats or scarves as they made their way around the 5km course.

The Northern Echo:

Getting ready for the parkrun

And the black and white colours was easily spotted amongst the hundreds of runners taking part in the weekly run.

Participants were given a warm-up talk from the foundation's chairman Steve Rose before setting off on their run.

The take-over was designed to try and encourage more people to take up a more active lifestyle.

The Foundation was launched last month in a bid to improve the physical and mental well-being of its community.

The Northern Echo:

Warming up the runners

It will be working closely with Darlington FC to deliver its objectives and bosses at the club view this as a key step forward towards one of their main goals, which is to cement their place at the heart of the community.

For more details about the foundation email enquiries@darlingtonfcfoundation.org.uk