A NOT-FOR-PROFIT initiative set up to provide essential items for young girls to use during their period needs members of the community to help the cause and end period poverty.

The Red Box Project in Darlington equips girls across the borough with the sanitary items they otherwise have no access to.

Without these supplies, girls may feel like they cannot attend school and will unnecessarily miss out on vital learning.

The projects aims to provide red boxes filled with free sanitary products to schools and youth organisations to address the problem.

Darlington has 64 boxes across the borough so far. however donations are needed to keep the boxes full to make sure those in need have access to sanitary products.

Those behind the scheme, which is baked by Darlington MP Jenny Chapman, have released a "shopping list" of products that will help young girls in need of support.

The list includes:

• Always Platinum sanitary towels size one and size two

• Always or Bodyform sensitive pads, sizes one, two and three

• Gigi or Nutracare natural day pads

• Bodyform So Slim or own brand panty liners

• Sensitive baby wipes

• Femfresh, Bodyform or own brand feminine cleaning wipes

• Sanitary fragrant disposal bags

• Girls and women's pants in briefs or shorts style ages 11 to 14 and sizes eight to 20

• Women's black opaque tights in 30, 40 or 60 denier, sizes small to extra large

To donate, email redboxprojectdarlington@gmail.com or find out more on The Red Box Project Darlington Facebook page.