DOZENS of community members have come together for a police-led initiative to safeguard prevent particularly vulnerable people living with dementia.

As part of Dementia Action Week this week, Darlington Police Community Cohesion Officer Benji Scott and PCSO Laura Batey took part in an event at Darlington ARQ in the Cornmill Centre.

They were highlighting and promoting the Herbert Protocol, which is a scheme introduced by Durham Police to give advice and guidance on steps to take to stop vulnerable people going missing and ensuring a swift response should they not return.

Working alongside council, fire and rescue as well as Age UK and The Alzheimer’s Society, it encourages staff, families, friends and carers to compile useful information which could be used in the event of a vulnerable person going missing from care homes or their own homes.

Carers, friends and families are encouraged to keep a recent photograph and an up-to-date list of medications..

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