A FORMER engineering worker from Darlington who was diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer last year is appealing for old colleagues who worked with him at Cleveland Bridge’s Smithfield Road site to come forward.

Jeffrey Robinson, 76, developed symptoms including chest problems and breathlessness last summer and, following an X-ray, he was informed that he had fluid on his lungs.

In November, medical experts confirmed that he had developed mesothelioma, the terminal cancer of the lining of the lung commonly linked to exposure to asbestos.

The grandfather-of-two said: "This illness has had a huge impact on me, as I used to be fairly fit and active but now have lost weight and also have limited mobility.

“I used to be a fairly active person but now can barely walk the dog, while I also used to do plenty of gardening and also help with the shopping. It is frustrating to see how the illness has affected me and even harder to take when I consider it may have been caused by my work.”

  • Anyone with information about any kind of asbestos related work being carried out at the site is asked to come forward.
  • Contact Kirstie Devine at Irwin Mitchell on 0191-279-0136 or email Kirstie.Devine@IrwinMitchell.com with any details.