A RESIDENT group has opened a new library as part of their ongoing work in the community.

The Friends of Red Hall created the unofficial Tiny Little Library, to encourage reading and ensure people have access to books who are unable to get to the town centre.

The group was established in March last year to support and empower Red Hall’s residents. It has grown to 12 core members and is working on several ventures including a community garden.

Group chair Thereasa Carre, came up with the idea for the library, turning an area of her flat into the community project. She hopes the library at 7 Mallory Court will continue to flourish and expand to a bigger site in the future.

She said: “I’m extremely proud of the hard work which has gone into the library by the Friends of Red Hall and all the residents who have backed and supported us to do it. We get along with everybody in Red Hall and have been supported 100 per cent by the community and the council.

“I’d like to think everyone in Red Hall is a friend of Red Hall, I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love the community, everyone helps each other when they need it.

“We’re working to get something started as we’d like the library to develop a really good reputation and hopefully in the future we can move it to a different site. We are not sure where the base would be yet, I would like it to be bigger but I am so proud of it already.”

Books have been donated to the library from residents and members, the group allows card holders to take up to three books at a time for two weeks before they can take out another selection of books.

Members pay 10p which goes directly back into the library to fund costs for paper and library supplies.

In the first two weeks since it's opening, the Tiny Little Library has already seen 15 visitors and received support from other libraries.

The group was given bookmarks by Darlington library and is discussing a red ticket scheme which would allow the Friends of Red Hall to borrow books from the library.

In the future, the Friends of Red Hall would like to organise a project working on the area's nature reserve. The team believe the land could be used by families and residents for picnics and other activities.

For more information visit the Friends of Red Hall on Facebook.