JOHN Askwith, of the Weardale Railway Trust, has discovered this marvellous picture in the trust’s archives showing the engine called Darlington FC outside the Stooperdale paint shops in Darlington.

As recent Memories have told, the B17 class engine was made in April 1936 at the North Road Shops and was one of many which bore the names of the football clubs. When the engine was scrapped in 1959, its nameplate was given to Darlington FC, but was sold in the debt-ridden days of 2004 to an American collector for £41,000.

“I was at the match in 1960 when the nameboard was presented to the Darlington board of directors,” says John Carter.

“But every steam engine had two nameboards, one on either side of the boiler, so what happened to the other one, and where is it now?”

Can anyone help?