FAMILY members are doing without their cars for two weeks in an effort to get fit and reduce their carbon emissions.

From today, Julie, 43, and Alasdair Ross, 44, from Darlington, and their two children are to rely on bicycles for transport.

Mrs Ross said the challenge was laid down at her Weight Watchers class after she reached her target weight.

To help Mr and Mrs Ross and Stephanie, 14, and Hannah, 11, with the task, Halfords have given each of them a bike.

Mrs Ross said: "The hardest bit is going to be for my husband, who has to travel quite far to see clients for his business.

"He's allowed to ride a bike to the station and catch a train and then ride it at the other end.

"I work for the business at home, but I do quite a lot of voluntary work with the Brownies and the church, and travel to that.

"It's not totally feasible that we can carry on without the cars afterwards, but, hopefully, we'll get quite fit and cut down how much we use them in future."

Halfords also gave the family a collection of accessories to assist in carrying out their day-to-day chores, including cycle locks, a selection of panniers and backpacks, reflective waistcoats and baskets.