A GROUP formed to help shape the future options for regenerating part of Darlington town centre is to hold its third meeting.

The Feethams and Markets Working Group was established after Darlington Borough Council decided not to allow supermarket company Tesco to build a town centre store.

The group consists of council representatives and members of the private sector, including Robin Blair, vice-chairman of Darlington Market Traders' Association, and Alan Draper, deputy chairman of the National Market Traders' Federation.

Following the first two meetings, several short-term measures have been set up to help boost trade.

The indoor market will be surrounded by stalls by mid-June, the outdoor markets on Monday and Saturday will move from the Market Place to Tubwell Row, West Row, East Row and Horsemarket to give shoppers more access and traders will have new, gazebo-style stalls.

The third meeting, on Thursday, will concentrate on how to redevelop the Feethams area.

A council spokesman said: "The group members are working together to ensure that these important areas flourish in the future.

"The new measures put in place for the markets illustrate its commitment to improving the town centre experience for visitors."