A DARLINGTON father was given a £30 fine for parking his car across two bays - even though he bought two tickets.

Darren Spuhler was taking his three children to visit the revamped Dolphin Centre, and needed extra space to get the youngsters out of his Range Rover.

When he realised the parking bays were not big enough, he parked in the middle of two spaces and thought it would be logical to pay for two tickets.

But a council ticket inspector did not agree, and he was given a £30 fine.

"I thought they were having a laugh," said Mr Spuhler, an independent financial advisor who lives at Moray Close.

"I wanted to take the kids to let off a bit of steam at the Dolphin Centre, but I couldn't park in one of the bays and get the kids out of the car without smashing my doors into the cars next door.

"I thought I'd use a bit of common sense and park across two spaces but pay for two tickets."

Mr Spuhler and his family were shocked to find they had been issued with a parking penalty when they returned to their car.

Mr Spuhler was set to appeal the decision, but after a call from The Northern Echo yesterday, a spokesman for Darlington Borough Council said that the fine will be overturned.

"We will be writing to the gentleman in question to say that the fine has been rescinded," he said.

"He obviously did everything he could so we will be cancelling the fine."