DRIVERS leaving their cars on pavements to avoid a 50p car parking fee will cause someone to be seriously injured soon, a Darlington man has warned.

Colin Iddon, of Allan Street, Albert Hill, has an 11-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy.

She cannot walk long distances, and uses a wheelchair to go to the town centre.

But Mr Iddon said her path is regularly blocked by cars parking on the pavement in Haughton Road, opposite the new Darlington College.

A day's parking in the 470- space college car park is just 50p.

Mr Iddon has to push his daughter around the cars and on to the road - and is worried for her safety.

He said: "When the cars are on the pavement, there is no way we can get through.

"It's not just us - it's anyone in a wheelchair or a pushchair.

"If there's a big bus coming past, you might get sucked in, or knocked over.

"It doesn't bear thinking about what could happen."

Mr Iddon has spoken to the police and his ward councillor, Ray Flowers, about the problem.

"I've suggested some barriers, but I don't know whether we'll get them," Mr Iddon said.

Inspector Bill Dutton, of Darlington police, said anyone obstructing a highway could receive a £30 fine from a police community support officer.

He said: "It's general manners more than anything.

"These people need to consider others."

Sarah Robinson, principal and chief executive of Darlington College, said: "We encourage everyone to park legally. The college also implements a green travel plan to support easy access to the site."