THE SPOOKY SIDE of Darlington is being celebrated online.

Lovers of the paranormal have flocked to a new webpage set up to explore and report creepy goings-on in the town.

More than 300 people signed up to the Supernatural Darlington Facebook page within 48 hours of it going live.

Creator Syl Noble Clement, 53, set up the page after becoming fascinated with hearing ghost stories about the town on a site devoted to old images of Darlington.

She said: “I really enjoyed the ghost stories about some of the old buildings in the town and thought it would be interesting to see if people have had the same experiences in the same house or building at different times, therefore proving there is something else out there.

“I think the site took off quickly because people are really interested in the supernatural and like to share their experiences with other like-minded people. People enjoy being entertained and everyone loves a good ghost story.”

Ms Noble, who says she has had several paranormal experiences, is considering writing a book inspired by stories posted on the site.

According to stories shared by members of the site, haunted spots in Darlington include the town’s Memorial Hospital which is supposedly haunted by a Grey Lady and Carmel Technology College, whose resident ghost ‘Harriet’ has apparently been terrifying students and staff for many years.

To join the page, visit or search for Supernatural Darlington on the site.