YOUNGSTERS at the Education Village, in Darlington, gained an insight into how to manage their money with a series of lessons on personal finance.

The MyBnk (correct) project delivered the sessions to year eight students at the school, with the aim of passing on functional, real-life skills that they could carry on into their future careers, as well as providing a confidence boost.

Topics covered included budgeting, youth employment law, the minimum wage and saving.

The response from participants was positive.

One student said: “It helped me to know how to spend my money and what on to save some money for some treats every now and then.”

Katherine Humpleby, assistant headteacher and student aspirations leader said: “Students gained key knowledge, skills and understanding of financial management.”

MyBnk works with young people aged between 11 and 25.

For more information, call Jenny Donaldson on 01642-610976 or email