THREE in five people living with diabetes in the region experience emotional or mental health problems as a result of their condition, according to research.

In a survey carried out by Diabetes UK, 252 people of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds from across the North-East shared their experiences living with diabetes.

Of those surveyed, 64 per cent said they often or sometimes felt down because of their diabetes.

One in three said diabetes got in the way of them or a family member doing things they wanted to do while one in three said they felt in control of their diabetes.

The research also found 18.7 per cent used support or counselling from a trained professional to help them manage their diabetes.

Stephen Ryan, of Diabetes UK, said: “Living with diabetes can be exhausting and people tell us that they don’t want to give in to feelings of depression and anxiety.”

Diabetes UK has set up support groups across the region. For details call 01925 653281 or email