A TRIAL date has been set for two teenage boys accused of planning to murder students and teachers in a “Columbine-style” school attack.

The 14 and 15-year-old boys, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, were arrested in Northallerton in October.

The Northern Echo:

Leeds Crown Court

Leeds Crown Court heard today that one of the boys is charged with conspiracy to murder, and the other is charged with conspiracy to murder, aggravated burglary in relation to a plan to break into a house and steal legally owned firearms, and an additional charged of unlawful wounding.

Both boys were present for the 30 minute hearing, one wearing a black suit, white shirt and dark grey tie, and the other a green jumper and black trousers.

No pleas have yet formally been entered, but at a previous hearing the boys’ solicitors indicated they will deny conspiracy to murder.

The trial is expected to last three weeks.

No application for bail was made and both boys were remanded into secure accommodation until the next hearing.