VILLAGERS are celebrating upholding the honour of the North after dramatically winning the World Welly Wanging Championships with a last-gasp world record throw.

Residents of Welbury, near Northallerton , had been challenged to compete against Wellington, Somerset, in a contest billed as a test of northern mettle against southern grit, with the North Yorkshire throwers competing in a field behind the Duke of Wellington pub in the village.

Welbury’s team was trailing until mother-ofthree Bridget Hunter stepped up to take her third and final throw.

Mrs Hunter, a personal assistant, said she opted for the underarm technique, squeezing all the air out of the boot and held it so the heel took the boot into a glide after she released it.

Championships organiser Mike O’Carroll, a former maths academic, measured the throw at 24.1 metres, and when the women’s handicap of ten metres was added, it was confirmed as the new welly wanging world record, under Welbury Rules.

The rules stipulate that competitors must release boots from a standing start and be able to fit into the boot they are throwing.

Mrs Hunter said the competition, sponsored by Sam Turners garden centre, of Northallerton, had been great fun.