A MOUNTAIN biking amputee is testing prosthetic limbs for a pioneering US company.

Glenn Johnstone, 44, had his right leg removed above the knee five years ago.

The former postman had been suffering after surgery following the removal of a tumour 12 years before.

He said: “Following my amputation, I set some goals for myself, and one of these was to get back out cycling. I bought myself a new bike and set about relearning how to ride.”

Mr Johnstone set up an online support group called Facebook Amputees, and was contacted by Pace Rehabilitation, which led to offers of advanced prosthetic limbs that would allow more complicated riding.

Three years ago, he was sponsored by American Brian Bartlett, president of Leftside Industries, to use the firm’s Bartlett Tendon, a false knee that has tendons and allows users to take part in sports such as mountain biking and skiing.

Earlier this year, Mr Johnstone became an ambassador for Sandman Bikes and is now preparing to test prototypes for Leftside Industries.

He said: “As the designs progress, they get more idea how they can improve them, such as the wearer using less energy or having a better feel. The technology that is coming along is fantastic.

Everything is in the pipeline for the new legs, so it is very exciting.”

Mr Bartlett started the company in 2007 and works with the US military. He said: “Glenn has been a great guy to work with and we are very proud of him and his accomplishments.”