WORLD-renowned opera star Sir Thomas Allen was officially installed as Durham University chancellor today, saying he was both hugely humbled and immensely proud at the accolade.

The 67-year-old, from Seaham Harbour, County Durham, received the chancellor’s robes and cap and took an oath of office during a ceremony in Durham Cathedral.

Sir Thomas, dubbed Britain’s best loved baritone, was appointed as the University’s 12th chancellor in its 180-year history last October - succeeding travel writer Bill Bryson, who formally handed over the robes during today's ceremony.

He said: "I feel hugely humble to be chancellor of Durham University and yet I have immense pride. It’s the most extraordinary accolade.

"I’m aware that it’s an honorary role, a celebratory role, a role where you get to wear a nice uniform, but I have a part to play and I want to play it to the best of my ability.

"There’s a vibrancy here that I think is second to none, which really presents a wonderful opportunity for students and the entire University community. I look forward to being part of that and in extolling the virtues of this great University wherever and whenever I can."