A WATER treatment plant will close by the end of the year in an £11m improvement to the area's supply.

Yorkshire Water will close Osmotherley's water treatment works at Cod Beck reservoir.

A spokesman said: "The reason for the decommissioning of the works is the poor quality of the water in Cod Beck reservoir, which has been adversely affected by the deteriorating moorland near it.

"If there is a heavy thunderstorm, we end up with a lot of rubbish in the beck.

"We decided the best solution would be to upgrade the works at Thornton Steward and use it permanently."

Water will come from the works and boreholes in Ainderby.

Yorkshire Water said it was much more confident that supply interruptions would not happen.

Regulations say action must be taken when water quality fails or is likely to fail.

The £11m will be used to improve the Thornton Steward works, lay an additional water main from the works to Northallerton and increase storage for treated water.