ECO-FRIENDLY youngsters who grow food for their school meals and tackle energy waste have won a national award.

Pupils and staff at Cleves Cross Primary School, Ferryhill, have been presented with a green flag from Eco Schools.

The Eco Schools awards are given to schools to reward them for being sustainable and energy saving.

Cleves Cross Primary School has several initiatives running that involves students and staff.

These include growing vegetables for school meals, keeping hens for eggs and having a polytunnel to grow food in.

The school also boosts a wildlife garden and energy monitors which have helped it to cut energy consumption by ten per cent.

Alison Lazenby, headteacher, said: "This award is a major achievement after a lot of hard work by teachers and staff.

"It is quite impressive and we are one of just nine schools in County Durham to have got a green flag.

"The pupils have taken it on board and have really enjoyed it and it is now part of the school’s curriculum.

"This is not the end of the road as far as our eco journey goes and it is just part of the way along it."

Much of the eco work is led by Pauline Foster, the school’s business manager, and teacher Carol Hughes.

The school has already won a bronze and silver award on the Eco School’s scheme and it holds the flag for two years.

The school is already aiming to secure the flag again in 2013.