VANDALS who defaced a house in a quiet village with obscene phallic graffiti and caused thousands of pounds of damage are being hunted by police.

Jane Pawle's home was daubed with the graphic depiction, as well as the word "grass", and every panel of her VW Golf was scratched in the attack and its windows smashed.

Paul Harrison, who lives nearby Miss Powell's house in Piercebridge, near Darlington, also fell victim to the perpetrators, who ruined the bodywork of his van and smashed its windows.

The repairs are expected to add up to more than £4,000.

Mr Harrison, 60, believes the criminals may have been targeting him, as his van, which carries his business livery for Army surplus store Kitt Pongo and The Hogg Man, had been parked outside Miss Pawle's home.

Police are now investigating the incidents, which they believe occurred just after midnight on Wednesday, April 6.

"I am sure it was me they were targeting," said Mr Harrison. "I feel desperately guilty about it.

"I don't know who would do this or why, but I think they deliberately targeted my van because of the livery."

PC Julian Brown, of Durham Police, said: "A lot of damage has been caused to two people's property, not to mention the stress and upset to the victims."

Anyone with information can call PC Brown on 0345-60-60-365.

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