THE enforcement of stricter parking restrictions has left a woman fuming after she was given a £35 fine for leaving her car outside her home.

For seven years, Barbara Jefferson has been parking in the same place despite a single yellow line running down the road.

The 64-year-old, of Salisbury Terrace, Darlington, said: “We have not been informed about any plans to start taking enforcement action. I am really angry that I have been given this fine after parking in the same place for seven years.

“Why can’t they organise parking permits for residents and that would solve the problem. It seems to me that they are just targeting motorists to raise money for the council.”

Darlington Borough Council defended its actions and dismissed claims that the revenue was going to be used to prop up the council’s finances.

A spokesman said: “The council took over the responsibility for on-street parking on Friday, December 31.

“For two weeks prior to this date, we completed a ‘grace’ period where stickers were attached to illegally parked vehicles notifying them of changes to enforcement and charges from January.

“Since December 31, we have issued 300 penalty charge notices to those parking illegally.

“There are two levels – a ‘lesser offence’ of £50 – such as overstaying at a parking meter or not parking in the lines in a car park; or, a ‘serious offence’ of £70 – such as parking on a double yellow line or in a bus lane.

“Any money raised from penalty charge notices will be used to fund the council’s parking services. It may also be invested in highways projects.”