A FULL-SIZE dalek was spared extermination after being left in a North-East hotel bedroom.

The gold-coloured cyborg, the most famous nemesis of TV’s Doctor Who during the sci-fi series’ near 50-year run, was recovered by staff after its owner, a guest, checked out of their room at the Newcastle Central Travelodge.

It topped the list of most unusual “left behinds” at the budget hotel chain’s 460 premises across the country last year.

The electric dalek, complete with voice changer, is worth about £16,500.

Although the owner, who has not been identified, was quickly informed, staff took a picture of the unlikely “find”

in the reception area at the Forster Street premises, just off the Quayside, prior to it being returned.

Among other unusual items left behind in Travelodges last year were a superintendent’s identity badge, a set of gold dentures worth £6,500, a three-seater antique rocking horse, a Bengal kitten, keys to a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a diamond encrusted Rolex watch worth £50,000, £10,000 cash in an envelope mistakenly discarded in a dustbin, a “lucky”

bonsai tree and decree absolute divorce papers.

A bound groom was found by staff at the Kendal Travelodge having been tied to his bed by friends on the eve of his wedding.

He was freed to enable the marriage to go ahead, albeit a couple of hours late.

From this month, all items left behind at Travelodge hotels, which are unclaimed within three months, will be donated to Cancer Research charity shops across the UK.